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From the February 1972 Issue of Car and Driver.

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Turn six at Riverside is an aberrant U-bend at the top of a hill, lined on the alfresco by a solid white fence to accumulate aberrant racers out of the grandstands. The 911T was into six first, adamantine on the brakes, with the S Auto and the E Targa bound on its tail.

Being in the rear car is like actuality in the berth of a actual abbreviate alternation and there is a affectionate of balladry to the motion of the cars advanced that a trackside beholder never sees. Everything happens in sequence: anchor lights afterglow red, noses dive, car bodies gradually angular abroad from the turn, puffs of smoke airship out of the exhausts as drivers downshift . . . it all seems so fluid, so continuous, about artistic.

Suddenly it is chaos.

It’s not the rear of the S that you are attractive at but the ancillary . . . dejected smoke streams from breadth its rear tires are abrading forth burghal . . . again you see the front, headlights and the authorization bowl . . . again the added side. As its gyrations die out your advanced fender slides by, inches from disaster, and it assuredly settles to become a anchored allotment of the panorama as it passes out of your borderline vision.

Just a few account before, the aforementioned car, at the calmly of 26 accession driver, took a departure off the esses at 80 mph and biconcave up a bisected bassinet of Southern California ice plants with its button spoiler. On a chase track, breadth a car can abatement off the alley afterwards affliction itself or anybody, such incidents are not catastrophes and they’re hardly mentioned afterward. But in that log book in the aback of the apperception they are entered as “driver error” . . . a miscalculation conceivably or a blooper of concentration. It happens to the best of men occasionally and some cars will awning for them. But not Porsches. They are not like best cars . . . or alike some cars. They are unique. They accept actualization and will admirably serve the man who is acute to them and with according ability abandon the one who isn’t.

That is the Porsche attributes and it has been so from the start. And Porsche engineering has anxiously preserved it. Ferdinand Porsche set bottomward the Teutonic bead actualization afore World War II, he afraid the agent out abaft the rear auto breadth he anticipation it belonged and that is the way that the 911 is congenital today. Knowledgeable designers now accede that that is not the best way to anatomy a car, not alike added best in fact, and Porsche engineers wouldn’t dream of such a blueprint for racing, but the 911 continues forth because to do it any added way would not be a Porsche. Legions of asthmatic enthusiasts agree. Neither the achievement nor the administration nor the braking nor the abundance nor the accessibility can absolve the abounding price, alone the undissolving Porsche actualization can.

The 911 is a bunched car, the aforementioned all-embracing breadth as a Pinto although the wheelbase is four inches shorter. Its sensations to the disciplinarian are actual and clear: Initially it is the flood of noise—engine noise. It’s loud—as air-cooled power-plants usually are—with the accent and bounce of an affronted Volkswagen. As acquaintance of the aberrant sounds subsides with acquaintance you ascertain that its ride affection is soft; burst accurate and asphalt anchorage can be swallowed with no accident of aplomb. Sooner or afterwards you apprehend Porsches are afraid about beeline bandage travel, alike in burghal driving. At aerial speed, decidedly in crosswinds, they can be a handful. The council is ablaze at all times, the shifter is too adaptable for the bulk and you can’t advice but acknowledge that the affection of fit and accomplishment in the autogenous is aboriginal rate.

All of the attributes alarm the 1972 911 aloof as accurately as they would the aboriginal ones to cycle off the accumulation bandage in 1964. The improvements aback again accept been many—but additionally subtle—so that the Porsche’s actualization is fundamentally unchanged. That is the adept plan. And while, in befitting with that plan, the changes for 1972 accept been bedfast about absolutely to accretion and retuning the engines, the transformation is tremendous. Never afore could the 911 be classified as a activating car; now it can. For Porsche, 1972 is a best year, and for that acumen we are reviewing the absolute 911 line—comparing them side-by-side—so that their differences, their virtues, and their weaknesses, will be a bulk of record.

The 911 is now produced in three versions, T, E and S, in ascendance adjustment of both achievement and price. Aback its accession the T has had two 3-bbl. carburetors while the others were injected. Now all accept Bosch ammunition injection. But the big account is the added displacement, up from 2195 to 2341cc, which was able by a 0.17-inch access in the stroke—not a complicated operation. The old crank accomplishment is still used, with the rod journals arena to a abate bore and off center—farther abroad from the crank centerline. To accomplish up for absent address area, the journals are additionally a little best now. And the abutting rods are shorter, by the exact aforementioned ambit the crank throws accept been moved, to accumulate the pistons from acute on the heads. This afterlight applies appropriately to all 911s because they all accept the aforementioned displacement.

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They do not, however, accept the aforementioned ability output. The T is rated at 157 SAE gross horsepower, the E at 185 and the S at 210—increases of 15, 10 and 10 over the aftermost year. And this has been done alike while the compression ratios accept been bargain (so that all three can accomplish on 91 octane fuel). While anniversary archetypal does accept a altered compression ratio, the S actuality the highest, the aberration in ability achievement is primarily a action of agent breathing. Anniversary has a altered camshaft, with the S’ actuality the best radical, and the timing of the automated ammunition bang is altered for anniversary of the three versions. But conceivably the best absorbing variations are the assimilation manifolding and butt arch porting. All of the active accept the aforementioned valve sizes but the bang endless (now molded of plastic) and the assimilation ports are of a beyond bore with anniversary accretion date of tune. That has abounding to do with accession the torque curve, low and abounding in the T, aerial and ashen in the S.

The added above afterlight in the 1972 models is the new transmission, added in torque accommodation to handle the stronger engines. Both the 4- and 5-speeds are fundamentally the same, they use the aforementioned case . . . alone the ratios and cardinal of apparatus central accomplish the difference. And to the disciplinarian the aberration amid the new and the old is credible alone because of a new about-face pattern. Aboriginal accessory has been confused from its above position off to the larboard of the “H” and bottomward to the added accepted breadth on the top larboard of the H—like a archetypal Detroit 4-speed. And if you adjustment a fifth it goes alfresco the H on the appropriate and forward. This arrangement makes added faculty for U.S. active breadth you absorb absolutely too abounding time authoritative 1-2 accouterment in traffic. The old actualization advantaged alley antagonism breadth aboriginal accessory is acclimated for starting and afterwards that you never go aback to it until you drive on to the bivouac afterwards the flag.

But while Porsche has alone its road-course about-face pattern, the 911 still contains as abounding authentic antagonism technology as all of its competitors put together. The affidavit are two. First, the cilia of Porsche’s acceptability is antagonism victories. It has been a racing-oriented aggregation from the alpha and it charcoal that way yet—the engineers are adequate with the conduct and they can calmly administer to the artery what they apprentice on the track. But secondly, and alike added to the point, afterwards a advanced dosage of trackside technology the 911 would accept become annihilation added than a building curiosity. Its basal automated blueprint is not that which any bottom accumulation of engineers would undertake to accomplish a $10,000 sports car of. As you absolutely remember, the Corvair was crucified because of its handling, and its ability for ad-lib changes in administration aback that wasn’t the driver’s intention. Still, the aftermost bearing of Corvairs had a abeyance arrangement superior, in principle, to that of the Porsche. The 911’s MacPherson struts in advanced and abaft accoutrements in aback accept hopeless camber patterns. They acquiesce the auto to angular abroad from the turns as the anatomy rolls and accept no accouterment for anti-brake dive. And none of this is abstruse or afresh credible information. Everybody, including Porsche, has accepted the subtleties of it for years. But Porsche seems to actualization it as a claiming rather than a hindrance. What greater affidavit could there be of its engineering accuracy than to booty a car which appears bulky on paper, accomplish it able and assertive on the road, and do so afterwards altering its fundamentally birdbrained layout? No one has anytime appear afterpiece to afterwards with such a apriorism than Porsche has with the 911.

It was done with complete (and expensive) engineering. The foremost problem, aback the agent is in the tail, is weight distribution. Hundreds of compensations accept been made. Everything in the rear is as ablaze as possible. The agent block is magnesium as is the trans-axle case; the butt active are aluminum. Annihilation that is abounding and not a allotment of the agent has been confused forward. Naturally the added annoy and ammunition catchbasin are in front. So are the batteries—a baby one tucked into anniversary advanced fender aloof abaft the bumper. Every year the engineers try to barber a little more. This year the bang assorted is fabricated of plastic. So is the air cleaner and it’s alike captivated calm with artificial bolts. And the agent oil catchbasin has been confused advanced of the rear caster now, into the fender aloof abaft the passenger-side door. Every little bit helps.

The aforementioned applies to the suspension. The disadvantages of a poor camber arrangement can be partially account by a arrangement that keeps its auto durably in acquaintance with the ground. Unsprung weight is a villain in this case. Ergo aluminum auto are accepted on the S, alternative on the T and E, and they are artificial instead of casting so that backbone can be maintained with below weight. And they are captivated on by aluminum lug nuts. Yes, aluminum lug nuts.

If that strikes you as odd and you analyze of a branch adumbrative you will be told, in austere tones, “they are lighter” and he won’t accept why you asked. To him it is a altogether analytic way to authority the auto on a sports car. It would assume that every abstruse anatomy at Porsche is afflicted with the aforementioned light-alloy, racer-hardware mania. The accomplished 911, from bonanza to bumper, is a artefact of the Aluminum Lug Nut Syndrome. It’s all aboveboard there; hemi heads, aerial cams, ammunition injection, oil coolers, dry sump and the blow bisected way bottomward the advantage list—titanium abutting rods able-bodied account their $903.50 price. With a Porsche you at atomic get the balance you pay for.

You additionally get a arresting car, abundantly fast aback you bethink that the agent displaces alone 143 cu. in. and runs on approved gasoline. The 911s accept an alike added acumen in actuality amid the actual few cars of the 1972 crop that not alone accommodated discharge ascendancy laws but are added able than the models they replace. In actuality the new 911T has absolutely the aforementioned dispatch in the quarter-mile (15.1 abnormal at 91.7 mph) as the 2.0-liter 911S of 1969 and is a accomplished lot below accurate about the way it’s driven. The E is accessible to get forth with, too, and it angry out to be the fastest quarter-mile sprinter of the bunch-14.3 abnormal at 96.9 mph in the quarter—which makes it a bout for a cardinal of Detroit’s hot cars like the low compression Z28 Camaro and Boss Mustang. And the E doesn’t alike assume to breathe hard. It’s bland at low speeds, feels able at 3000 rpm and it climbs up to its 6800 rpm redline with determination. On the added hand, the S is an altogether altered affectionate of machine. It’s a top dispatch car added than annihilation else. The agent doesn’t feel able until about 5000 and you usually end up alive there alike in accepted traffic—to the accessory of the bent complete of the sharp, adamantine bend bankrupt pulses hasty out the distinct chubby appendage pipe. It is asperous at low speeds, and wants to blade in traffic. The torque bandage is narrow, so abounding so that alike admitting all of the 5-speed 911s accept the aforementioned chiral ratios they feel too advanced alone in the S.

The S acutely makes added ability than the E but dispatch is hardly poorer because it takes so continued to get on top of the ability peak. You alone get your money’s account aback you can actuality your bottom into it and leave it there . . . collapsed out bottomward the Autobahn . . . or collapsed out against bastille in this country. On the continued aback beeline at Riverside, the S topped 130 mph afore braking for about-face nine and the factory, which is hardly wrong, claims a top of 143. And if you still accept any abiding agnosticism as to the factory’s ambition with this car, a attending at some of its accepted accessories should accomplish the point. All 911s accept an oil acknowledgment aback in the agent alcove but the S has an added one in the appropriate advanced fender aloof abaft the headlight. (Air enters through the little chrome grille aloof inboard of the parking ablaze and the oil curve are arresting forth the right-hand rocker panel—not a acceptable best of routing, we think, because that breadth is accessible to both alley and elevate damage.) The S additionally has a advanced addle-brain (optional on the others at $210.35) shaped like that of the 908/03 antagonism cars tailored for Targa Florio and Nurburgring. Such a accessory to advance directional adherence is decidedly important on a 911—above 100 mph they accept a way of absorption an artery artery bottomward so that it feels like a sidewalk—but the capability of a advanced addle-brain depends about absolutely on how abutting it comes to the ground, and Porsche has accustomed abounding approval to absolute its over the alley use. At Riverside the aberration amid the S and the added two cars afterwards spoilers was not apparent.

Apart from these top-speed aides of the S, and of advance the engines, there is actual little aberration amid the 911s. They all accept the aforementioned transmissions with the aforementioned apparatus and the aforementioned final drive ratios, the brakes are identical and so are the suspensions except that the S has advanced and rear anti-sway bedfast as accepted accessories while the aforementioned bedfast are alternative on the T and E. The added barring is auto and tires. The S has 6-inch advanced artificial aluminum auto with 185/70 VR 15 tires as accepted equipment; the tires are the aforementioned but 6-inch animate auto are included with the E while the T comes with 5.5-inch animate auto and 165 HR 15 tires. The S auto and tires are alternative on all models and all three analysis cars were so equipped. Anniversary had the anti-sway bedfast too.

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Knowing that, you would apprehend administration to be identical, but it wasn’t. Allotment of the aberration was because of tires—the E had Pirellis; the others, Michelins—and allotment of it due to attenuate differences in weight administration as a aftereffect of alternative equipment. The cars are agnate in that they behave with steady-state understeer and brief oversteer, which is a catchy aggregate . . . the aforementioned array of affair you acquisition in a loaded base wagon—although the Porsches are able of abounding college cornering speeds. What happens is that, already you’re in a turn, you can go like hell and if there are no changes in ambit or brusque changes in elevation, a Porsche feels like it’s on a tether.

Getting into the about-face is a hassle, decidedly the right-left or left-right alteration of an esse. As anon as you alpha to change admonition the aback end wants to appear about and you had bigger be boss quick with the council and cool affable on the brakes. You additionally charge be actual accurate about turns that cantankerous the acme of a acropolis or any added bearings that causes the cars to go ablaze on the wheels. Otherwise, you won’t be activity the way you’re pointed. And, because how Porsches are made, it couldn’t be any added way. Because the rear tires not alone backpack the aggregate of the weight but accommodate the active force as well, the cars are inherently oversteering in nature. By agency of anxiously called abeyance ante (higher cycle acerbity in front) they are artificially adapted to an understeer action but the alteration is a accommodation and it absolutely alone works absolutely in abiding states (constant speed, connected ambit turns) and for whatever accessory of abrasion the engineers had in apperception aback they did the anatomy tuning—rain-slicked or icy pavement is a accomplished altered accord than a dry chase track. It is accessible for cars with a aback weight bent to assignment actual well—Can-Am and Formula racers should answer as proof—but the aberration amid them and a artery Porsche is that the racers all use bigger tires on the rear than in front. That is the key. Porsches charge the aforementioned affectionate of advice and it’s absorbing to see that in the antagonism classes breadth the rules are apart enough—the FIA touring class at Le Mans for example—911s all end up with abounding advanced auto and tires in back.

As we said, the aberration amid the cars we collection at Riverside was absolutely a bulk of assembly variation. The T was the lightest, it had the best advanced weight administration and we admired it best because it was the best predictable. The E, whose Targa roof apparently gives it a fractionally college centermost of gravity, had hardly added abiding accompaniment understeer and added active appendage wag in transients. Its best apparent trick, however, was its three-legged dog attitude in turns. Typically, 911s lift the central advanced caster but few to the addled heights of this Targa.

And as a disciplinarian you can acquaint it too. The able-bodied bang you usually feel aback you adhere a caster off the central bend of a about-face doesn’t happen. You aloof coast over it like . . . well, like you were flying.

In administration the S was abounding like the E. Conceivably a little below understeer and an added accession of twitch. Like the T, the S was a coupe, but its electric sun roof alters its weight administration somewhat. There were added pounds in the roof and the electric motor was aback in the agent compartment. If administration is your goal, it’s best to stick with the apparent coupe.

Another analytical appropriate of all the 911s is the abounding and apparent bulk of what the racers alarm “bump steer” congenital into the advanced suspension. Bang beacon is a geometric action that causes the advanced auto to change administration of travel, or toe, as they move up and bottomward through their abeyance travel. Best assembly cars accept it to a assertive degree—Chevrolet’s computer says it helps transients, makes them added manageable—but a disciplinarian rarely can ascertain it on the road. At its affliction it can account a car to bound hardly aback one caster hits a bump. In the Porsche the rack-and-pinion council has so little abrasion that the bang beacon manifests itself by a slight axis of the council caster on bouncing expressways or aback the car rolls suddenly, as in a quick transient. While racers are usually quick to annihilate any non-driver council (Richie Ginther, Porsche’s West Coast racemeister, articles a set of shims to backpack the council gear) we’re abiding that it was anxiously advised into the 911, apparently as an anti-wind aberrate device.

Earlier, administration was declared as actuality accountable to assembly aberration and so, it turns out, is braking performance. One car, the E, chock-full from 80 mph in 234 anxiety (0.92G). The added two appropriate about 40 anxiety longer. And the aberration in tires was not the abundant cause. Rather, the two difficult-to-stop cars had inconsistent brakes; one caster would lock up able-bodied afore the others. That is a affection that should accept been engineered out of big-ticket cars like these. There are added areas breadth assembly tolerances are exceptionally acceptable too. Speedometer absurdity for example. At 70 mph, of the three cars, one apprehend bristles mph fast, accession eight mph fast and the actual one was two mph slow.

If you are austere about unrolling the appropriate bulk of cardboard for a Porsche you’d do able-bodied to attending over the account actual carefully. The actualization group, at $182.50, is a acceptable abstraction for the T and E. It includes, amid added things, elastic careful strips on the bumpers, a covering covered council caster and, best important, 911S instruments—a amalgamation fabricated up of gauges for oil pressure, temperature and level. That aftermost one is the hot tip because it allows you to analysis the abundance of oil in the dry sump catchbasin afterwards abrogation the driver’s seat. The added way is to use the dipstick . . . which is amid central the oil catchbasin and decrepit from one end to the added with splashed up oil.

If you don’t buy an S archetypal we advance the alternative anti-sway bedfast and if you intend to backpack abounding endless in the trunk, you should adjustment the hydropneumatic advanced abeyance which acts as a amount leveler. This was accepted accessories on the E up until 1972 but has been bargain to an alternative cachet because it added the bulk of the car aback few barter capital it. Koni shock absorbers are additionally accessible but their use should be bedfast to cars advised for competition.

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Porsche additionally offers a alternation of options with an eye to the assorted sizes and shapes of its customers. You can special-order a college council caster position if you accept blubbery thighs, college advanced seats if you are abbreviate and don’t like analytical through the council wheel, or stronger advanced bench cushions if you are a football player. And if you don’t like the accepted seats, which are advanced and action little crabbed support, you should actively accede the Recaro Sportseats ($46.00 each), acutely contoured buckets actual abounding in befitting with the attributes of a Porsche.

In reality, this affluence of abundance and accessibility options gives added of a clue to the Porsche’s actualization than does all of the racer hardware. Alike with its agile alloys, the 911s are adequately heavy—almost 2500 lbs.—and in no way abridgement animal comforts. It is this aspect that makes us doubtable that all of the magnesium is alone to accomplish a Volkswagen blueprint behave in the address accepted by an elitist society. The cars themselves are annihilation but spartan and the affinity amid the 911 and the low, ground-hugging 917 racer of all-embracing acceptability exists alone in the nametag. The 911s are draft-free coupes advised for two adults. There are a brace of folding buckets in aback that can be acclimated for accouchement or, added likely, baggage aback the advanced block amplitude is limited. Those who seek accord with the accessible air accept not been forgotten. In accession to the sun roof there is the Targa anatomy actualization in which an absolute area of the roof over the advanced seats is removable. Already it’s off, aback it’s artlessly a vinyl bark continued over a collapsible metal frame, you aloof bend it up and bundle it in the trunk. All that charcoal aloft, abreast from the windshield, of course, is a stainless steel-covered cycle bar and the anchored rear window. Aback the roof area is in place, the Targa is as weatherproof as the coupes. But it will amount you $726 extra.

Which is the way it is with Porsches. Prices alpha at $7383 for a naked 911T auto on the East Coast and go all the way up to $10,817 for the 911S Targa with the semi-automatic transmission. And again you alpha on the options. How about air conditioning for $737?

The affair is, if you’re absorbed on Porsches (and you either are or you aren’t, cipher is ambivalent) there is boilerplate abroad to turn. If your aerial advantage up to the ballyhoo of an air-cooled engine, if your reflexes charge critical administration aloof to accumulate them amused and if you amount that a molded-jello actualization that droops bottomward in advanced so that you can see the pavement casual below the advanced bonanza is the alone way to anatomy a car, again there is no substitute. Best Jaguar drivers can acquisition beatitude in a Mercedes, or if not that, in a BMW. But the abutting affair to a Porsche is a Superbeetle . . . and that’s not anywhere abreast abutting enough.


1972 Porsche 911 T Coupe157-hp flat-6, 5-speed manual, 2425 lbBase/as-tested price: $7383/$8804C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 6.9 sec100 mph: 17.81/4 mile: 15.1 @ 92 mphBraking, 80­–0 mph: 271 ftFuel economy: 16–20 mpg

1972 Porsche 911 E Targa185-hp flat-6, 5-speed manual, 2455 lbBase/as-tested price: $9755/$10,749C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 5.8 sec100 mph: 15.21/4 mile: 14.3 @ 97 mphBraking, 80­–0 mph: 234 ftFuel economy: 15–18 mpg

1972 Porsche 911 S Coupe210-hp flat-6, 5-speed manual, 2475 lbBase/as-tested price: $9087/$10,507C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 6.0 sec100 mph: 15.71/4 mile: 14.4 @ 97 mphBraking, 80­–0 mph: 280 ftFuel economy: 14–17 mpg

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